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The Afghan ghost
Time of action: Basic time of events — 1999. Retrospective history — 1984. A fight of group of captain Jury Potyomkin under the village of Dardji — on May, 26th, 1984. Revolt of captured Soviet and Afghani fighters in one of "dushman" military bases in which territory underground (in caves) prison has been located — April, 1985. A plot: an adventure drama about military valour and courage, about memory and fidelity, about continuity of generations and love. Andrey Potyomkin — a future lieutenant of boundary service before release from school, reads in the popular newspaper a sketch titled "the Afghani phantoms". Having learned in a photo his father, he comes to a deep bewilderment. Mother, Galina Potyomkina and the friend to their family Anatoly Fetjuhin, since childhood inspired him, that Andrey's father, Jury Potyomkin, was heroically lost in Afghanistan. But the author of clause, Alena Nikitina, accuses the captain of the Soviet army of treachery. And as the proof results a photo on which captain Potyomkin with a sub-machine-gun in hands and in comopany of friendly to him mojaheds at whose legs lie captured Soviet fighters is represented. In spite of Andrey is the best of students because of this clause he should transfered to other kind of armies. The son of the traitor cannot serve on the border. All around him both a management of school, and fellow students sympatize with him, understanding, that Potyomkin-junior is the hostage of a situation. They believe in him. Andrey asks from management for a ten-day holiday to prove innocence of father, and to defend the right to be the frontier guard. The management agrees. Andrey for whom military career is everything in his life, he is brought up on an example of the father decides to lead own investigation and to prove injustice of charges. First of all, he gets acquainted with the author of sketch Alena Nikitina. Marvellously she is a young, vigorous and nice journalist. But firstly between the young men there is a misunderstanding and even hostility. Andrey is assured: the journalist pursues sensation, and has published a sketch only because of mercantile professional interests, not having checked up the facts. Alena, having listened to Andrey, is compelled to agree, that has hastened with some conclusions in the sketch, and that in the "matter" of captain Potyomkin, it is necessary to clear everything up. Alena offers Andrey the help in investigation of circumstances at which captain Potyomkin was taken prisoner. Andrey is categorical: the help of the journalist is not necessary to him, he will understand everything himself. Andrey is going to find four fighters from the group of captain Potyomkin which have survived after the fight under kishlak Darji where captain Potyomkin was missing. However Alena is shown with persistence and convinces Andrey to take advantage of her help, having informed the young man of the address of fighters of captain Potyomkin. Andrey and Alena go to Moscow to get the tickets to Kharkov where Pavel Lugovskoy — the first of the list of fighters of Potyomkin lives. On the way Alena receives an urgent call from the informant who has left for the journalist in a left-luggage office of the Kiev station a suitcase with very important and confidential information, concerning "left" sale of the weapon, called "Needle". Only success and Andrey's intuition save him and Alena — it appears for the informant was traced and contents of the suitcase have changed for an explosive device. Having thrown out the suitcase with a bomb from the car, Andrey rescues the journalist. It leads to understanding Andrey and of the necessity to keep together. As in due course it becomes clear, that one of their main general "opponents" is somebody Klimushkin who, actually, has ruined captain Potyomkin in Afganistan, having betraid his intelligence group. Now he sells the weapon ( "Needle") to Islamic extremists. In parallel with modern events (1999) there passes a retro line in which the military history of captain Jury Potyomkin is told. Gradually he comes to understanding, that in a staff there are those who forwards by planes heroin with "a cargo 200" to the Union. The captain collects the facts and establishes, that behind it there is a deputy the chief of a staff major Klimushkin. He reports of it to colonel Everansky, not suspecting, that they in one treacherous "sheaf". Everansky decides to get rid of captain Potyomkin. He informs Jury, that under his information in kishlak Salgan a shipment of the big party of heroin will be made and directs there Potyomkin's group. On road to Salgan captain Potyomkin learns that in a kishlak the trap established by mojaheds waits for the fighters. Actually the barter transaction on sale of the Soviet weapon in exchange for a party of heroin occurs in kishlak Darji. Having learned about it from the Afghani informant, Potyomkin withdraws the group to Darji. However in its group there is a traitor — radio operator Harchenko lured by the HQ staff. He also informs Klimushkin on a portable radio set of the change by group of scouts of a direction, those warn the "spirits". Under Darji there is a unequal fight — many fighters perish, captain Potyomkin is missing. Only four fighters in covering survive. They are Lugovskoy who now lives in Kharkov, Parshin from St.-Petersburg, Grekov from Podolsk, and Nikolay Harchenko in Moscow. Wuth the help of thse guys, excepting traitor Harchenko, and also former private soldier Zuev who has appeared in a captivity with captain Potyomkin in mountain prison of "spirits", Andrey and Alena finally establish: father Andrey was the hero. Private soldier Zuev opens mean deceit of Everansky and Klimushkin. He tells to Andrey and Alena that under the request od "the HQ staff" mojaheds have organized a kind of muppet shooting that anybody in the future would not suspect that captain Potyomkin was the traitor. Zuev approves, that captain Potyomkin has rescueed him and other fighters of a life that has decided "to play" in the dramatized shooting. But, understanding, that this photographing has doomed him and all Soviet participants to true destruction, Potyomkin will organize revolt and runaway from prison. Captured Afghans and our Soviet fighters killed the security guards and began to leave aside the borders of the USSR. Mojaheds pursued them. Up to border there were some kilometers left. Captain Potyomkin and some of the fighters remained with a machine gun to cover a withdrawal of the others. Zuev personally heard the machine gun in hands of captain Potyomkin was shooting for an hour, and there then came dead silence. Alena's investigation on the illegal sale of the weapon appears to be closely connected with Andrey's investigation. Everansky and Klimushkin planned a sale of large party of "Needle" to the Pakistan extremist Ali Ahmed. But actions of the young frontier guard and the arrogant journalist put under doubt success of the operation "Persey". Under the initiative of FSB the Ministry of Defence appoints the commission on investigation of correctness of recycling removed from manufacturing "Needle". KLimushkin is compelled to force terms of carrying out of operation "Persey", and to forward "Needles" by rail before the planned term. It becomes known to Andrey and Alena who transfer the received information to FSB. Operation on neutralization of "Persey" is successfully carried out by FSB with Andrey and Alena's active participation. After the operation Klimushkin, trying to run away from Russia, was taken at the airport of Sheremetyevo. He was handed over by Harchenko who has grasped by Andrey Potyomkin during a fighting collision in military warehouses which were protected by his fighters "Leopard". Everansky has bailed, but prospects of its sweet life became in doubt. The broken transaction with the Pakistan extremist will not pass for him for nothing. Alena Nikitina is thanked officially on behalf of the state, and Andrey and Galina receive a fighting award of captain Potyomkin. Andrey says, that the truth about the father now is known, and nobody will dare to name hum traitor. Andrey Potyomkin receives a rank of the officer of boundary service. He is a lieutenant. He is sent send on training on the Tadjik border. On solemn delivery of liutenant shoulder-straps to him Fetyukhin, Galina and Alena are present. Lieutenant Andrey Potyomkin is at the station — he is leaving to the frontier. Fetyukhin and Galina see him off. Alena is still not present. She comes at the last second to a train and Alena goes to the fromntier too, together with Andrey as the special correspondent of the popular newspaper and, perhaps a wife of the young and fighting officer.
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Time of action: Basic time of events — 1999. Retrospective history — 1984. A fight of group of captain Jury Potyomkin under the village...
Stanley Chung, aka Stas Kovalev, is the former intelligence officer, an illegal alien. The best professional, he was amazingly successful the Russian James Bond. Intelligence officers never become former, however, in the confusion of the nineties, his amateur superiors gave him in to the rivals. He managed to survive and escape by the skin of teeth. The same confusion gave him a unique chance to quit his service. Kovalev blames nobody and regrets nothing he is doing well, he is successful and has clear conscience. However, mystic events make him forget about peaceful life.
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Stanley Chung, aka Stas Kovalev, is the former intelligence officer, an illegal alien. The best professional, he was amazingly successful the Russian...