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The Kremlin children

Year : 2006 — 2008
Duration : 44 min
Total number of releases : 30 (28.06.2008)
Written by : Olga Demina,
Directed by : Sergey Kraus
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This documentary series is a logical continuation of the movie "The Kremlin wives", which has recently been successfully broadcast on the NTV Channel. This time the authors' aim are not the women who became the choice of the Kremlin bonzes, but the children who were born in the Kremlin families, their fates. It's considered that nature relaxes on children. Is it really so? Whom have the young people from the most successful families turned into? Those who had nothing impossible on their ways, those who had wonderful opportunities... Were they really happy or has theit celebrity status ruined their lives? And what happened if their parents (mainly fathers of course) were removed from their positions? In Stalin times this could easly lead to GULAG for the eldest and to kindergarten for the youngers, who often lost not only their parents but the possibility to retain theit own surnames. While Khruschev and Brezhnev were in power children stopped to be punished for their fathers' sins, but the change of their ways of living could appear to become even more terrifying for their minds than prison... The authors would like not only tell us about the fates of the children from the most famous Kremlin families, but try to learn what could really influence the formation of their minds — no matter where those children got their education — at elite Moscow schools, which appeared when Stalin was in power or at special children's homes for the enemies of the state's children.