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A belly-dance

Company :   "KINOSLOVO
Year :  2007
Duration :  92 min
Total number of releases :  2
Written by :  A. Tyurina
Producer : P.V. Anurov
Somewhere in the nearest Moscow suburbs there lives a family: husband Vadik who has lost work, on the sly becomes an inveterate drunkard, wife Nina who is permamently stealing at confectionery factory and reflects on meaning of the life, mother-in-law Raisa Petrovna is treated by urine and constantly grumbles, and schoolgirl Katya who is mad about piercing, qaurrels with relatives and participates in a gang of skinheads. Everything goes in the common way and in an habitual way it is bad, Nina is ready to fool around, but does not know, with whom. Her girlfriend Rita constantly tries to find Nina a man, but with no success. A kabardian, Aslan, fetches them on a picnic to Rita's birthday to whom Nina feels unexpectedly a mutual interest , and their relations start. Nina's liaison with Aslan is equally unacceptable both for Nina's circles, and for Aslan's relatives. Katya casually learns about Nina's relationship with Aslan, tries to blackmail Nina and, eventually, "pawns" her to Aslan's relatives. Nina quarrels with the husband and leaves to Aslan. Suffering from complete aversion from Aslan's family, suffering frank "attacks" of Aslan's brother — Murat, Nina even tries to accept islam, but at the very last moment an instinct stops her. Nina is confused. The general antipathy forces her colleagues to put in pawn her stealing to the heads of the factory. From time to time Katya and Vadik do sorties, searching for meetings with Nina and trying to return her home. Vadik, is absolutely casually arranged as the loader in the shop which belongs to the family of Aslan where hears his conversation with Nina by phone. Vadik tries to beat Aslan, but the fight quickly comes to an end not in his favour. Katya learns where Aslan's apartment is and brings there the gang. In the unequal fight with the skin-heads Aslan is nearing his end, but the appeared in time Nina manages to rescue him, that, having earned a recognition of family of Aslan, now they already together pray each to their own god for Aslan's health. Aslan's in reanimations, but his health is gradually improving. Katya repents, Vadik restrains. Aslan comes to the senses and proposes marriage to Nina.