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Year : 2007
Duration :  46 min
Total number of releases :  2
Written by : Kuznetsova Elena
Produced by : Anurov P.V.
Cast : Victoria Tolstoganova, Anatoly Belyj, Maria Shalaeva, Michael Krylov, Dmitry Zhuravlyov, Alexey Kozakov, Alexander Shaburov, Vyacheslav Mizin, Anastas Klyuyev, Xenia Baskakova, Igor Kotsarev, Igor Bushmelev, Alexey Tagushev, Alexey Grishin, Boris Kamorzin
Nina is a successful woman of 45 years. She has no husband, but there is her own publishing house which she has developed since the very start. Polina is her 18-year-old daughter, a beautiful and rather not plain girl. Andrey, a rich businessman, is Nina's lover. Nina and Andrey have acquainted a long time ago. Sometimes Nina wished to become Andrey's wife, but Andrey wantedto be free then . That's why, when Nina became pregnant from him, she decided to make an abortion, but told Andrey nothing. However she has neither forgotten, nor forgiven and has sworn, that Andrey will beg to marry her. And this happens: Andrey is 47, he wants family and children, he is attached to Polina as a father he thinks, but in the end he understands that as a man. But Nina refuses: that love has come to an end, and she does not wish to receive eternally dissatisfied despotic husband instead of the careful lover humouring her three times a week. Senya, a post-graduate student of any technical college, is Polina's friend. they have known each other since childhood and decided to marry when Polina would finish school and Senya would find a well-paid job. However it so happens, that Polina has decided differently. Being the little girl, she by chance overheard her mum telling grandmother about the abortion and from whom the non-born baby was. Polina cannot forgive Andrey for having tormented the enamoured Nina. She has decided to revenge on him: to marry him, to take hold of his fortune and when Senya will return to Moscow after the biennial training from the USA, to leave Andrey and to marry Senya. Polina declares love to Andrey. Andrey is dumbfounded, but gradually Polina convinces him, that she loves him, and that he loves her too but he doesn't guess yet. They decide to get married as soon as possible. Polina tells Nina everything. For Nina it is a serious impact: she feels sorry for the daughter because she will have to live with the unloved person, suffers for herself, there are both hurt and pride inside her, and former love, and all for nothing lived female years that were spent without reciprocity, without tenderness, without love. Besides it she is tormented with suspicion, that Polina, feeling the youthful maximalism, wants to revenge not on Andrey but on Nina herself. He tries to dissuade the daughter, but she is ready to refuse only in one case: if mother will tell, that still loves Andrey. However Nina, bearing in mind, that it isn't love any more, cannot say these words. On Friday in the evening — the day of of Andrey and Nina's appointments — Andrey as usually comes to his former mistress and is convinced, that she knows everything. Andrey and Polina are collecting things — Polina leaves to her fiance. Suddenly Senya appears — he tells Andrey, that he knows everything, and does not support Polina's plan. But Andrey is laughing: Senya and Polina shall not think that he was taken in so easily. When he will be bored with Polina, he will return her to Senya. For now she will be his wife and he begins to pay to Senya such a maintenance and will give such a job which Senya cannot refuse of. And Senya does not refuse. The men close a deal behind the women's backs.