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Liteyny, 4

Year : 2007
Genre : Criminal series
Duration :  48 min
Total number of releases :  24 (29.01.2009)
Cast : Jury Kuznetsov, Alexey Nilov, Sergey Selin, Anastasiya Melnikova, A. Fedortsov, Svetlana Kryuchkova, a. Libabov.
Kuznetsov is called to Moscow to a high-ranking official. A former citizen of St. Petersburg whom he once strongly helped, offers Кузнецову a high post in Moscow. Kuznetsov refuses. But as the high-ranking official suggests that he should head a certain special department which will be created specially for him, and there are other better opportunities, other salaries,so he decides to consult to his command. The special department should be engaged in drugs, arms trafficking and human organs, children's prostitution and everything with what we are acquainted with electronic and paper mass-media. Having consulted to the command, Kuznetsov agrees. And the command starts to operate in new circumstances. In their private lives, on the background some changes occur. 1. Kuznetsov has some problems with health — He faces a new case but he's a bit old. He was advised togo for u-shu or yoga... 2. A person who will get, collect, process the information and through the Internet too is extremely necessary for the department. So Nastya is handled with analytics and a computer which she could use badly before. Nastya, after having worried, calms down. Besides she has recently very successfully married. Nastya began to bring to work some sweets to cook which she now has time and money. She becomes a real housewife... 3. Nilov by chance meets the lady of his heart from old times. And the love has again braided the former captain... 4. Selin moves to a new apartment. His new neigbour on a floor is an eccentric young woman — the chief-editor of fashionable glossy magazine for women, like "Cosmopoliten". She is dressed haute couture, made up by stylists. The young woman has a bad habit — to call Selin during the most improper time that makes him the object of sneers. Selin is confused — so is he enamoured in her or not?... 5. In time of Nastya's marriage, cooking of dinners and going for fitness, and also Nilov's sufferings on the his lady, it is found out, that actually they are simply created the friend for the friend. The inspiration comes to the moment when there is a real opportunity to lose each other... 6. Andrey Fedortsov — the employee of FSB (the deputy the General, an analyst, actually — the grey cardinal). Burns with the desire to benefit the fatherland.