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Company : Association "NASHE KINO"
Year : 2007
Duration :  44 min
Total number of releases :  1
Link-man : Alexander Klyukvin, Vladimir Tuz
Written by : Olga Demina
Directed by : Sergey (Skoblin) Kraus, Alexey Smaglyuk
Producer : Alexander Emir-Shakh
Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the 32nd President of the United States, was the only President to hold the post for four successive terms, in violation of the country's tradition. In 1933, as he inherited the helm, he immediately chose the course of social reforms, which brought the country out of the economic depression. The core of his reforms was organization of social security system, support of trade unions and interests of the working class. His project of community activities allowed almost complete liquidation of unemployment. Not all representatives of business and capital approved Franklin Roosevelt's course of reforms, nevertheless, it was effective and returned to the American people the trust in their president and hope for better future of their country again. Roosevelt's policy during the Second World War and his idea of military support (lend-lease) significantly expanded production capacities and progressed America to become the superpower. The authors of the film draw a parallel between the events in America during the years of Roosevelt's presidency and the events in Russia in the 90-ies. The similar political course of both states, aimed at finding the way out of the economical crisis, namely, exploitation of state leverages and mechanisms of economical influence can be traced. Special emphasize is placed on the importance of the people's reliance in their President for successful implementation of economical and political reforms. The film was produced with the assistance of: historians Viktor Mal'kov, Anatoly Utkin, Christopher Miller, Vladimir Pechatnov, Nikolay Ilievsky, Yuri Rogulev, Yaroslav Listov.