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Year : 2007
Duration : 44 min
Host (-ess) : Alexander Klyukvin, Valery Storozhik
Written by : Olga Demina
Directed by : Sergey (Skoblin S. — pseudonym) Kraus
Produced by : Alexander Emir-Shakh
Charles de Gaulle was the President of France who took the lead of the country twice when it was deep in crisis and became its national hero, the symbol of patriotism and national dignity. According to the biographer of Charles de Gaulle, he was the President who "turned the course of history of France". The President, whose aim in life was the greatness of France. The film focuses mainly on such periods in the history of France as the First and the Second World Wars, the civil war in Algeria in 1954, student riots in France in the end of the 60-ies, and features the General's younger years. The best merits of General de Gaulle revealed themselves, undoubtedly, during the Second World War, when he called for resistance from London with courageous words "I was France". The purpose of the entire political course of Charles de Gaulle was to put national dignity over political manipulations and interests of certain social classes. De Gaulle never acknowledged the USA striving to become the governor of the "Western Camp" and contributed to establishing relationships with the USSR, which he deemed to be, in the intellectual sense, first of all, the cultural heritage of the former Russian Empire. The political wisdom of the President laid in rational balancing between the two states. The authors of the film draw a parallel between the international policy of de Gaulle and the efforts of the Russian government (statements of V.V. Putin, S. Lavrov), aimed at finding an independent policy of Russia. The film was produced with the assistance of: Jean Lacouture, biographer of Charles de Gaulle, Yuri Rubinsky, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Wolf Sedykh, President of Association of the friends of France, Vyacheslav Shilov, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Evgeniya Obichkina, Doctor of Historical Sciences, professor of the Moscow State University of Foreign Affairs, Anatoliy Utkin, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Georgy Zubkov, TV journalist and writer, Helene Carrere d'Encausse, President of the French Academy of Sciences, Yuri Dubinin, ambassador of the USSR to France in 1990-1991, Charlie Garbis Koubesserian, make-up designer of Charles de Gaulle.