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Investments into revolution

Company : Association "NASHE KINO"
Year : 2007
Duration :  44 min
Total number of releases :  1
Written by : Olga Demina
Directed by : Sergey V. Kraus (stage name Sergey Skoblin)
It is an open secret that the revolution of 1917 succeeded due in large part to foreign financing. German financing is most known, which funds allegedly paid for all activities of Vladimir Lenin and his comrades. Lately, more is being said about millions of yens, paid by the Japanese General Staff for disturbing the situation in Russia on the eve of the Russian-Japanese war. As we remember, the war started in 1904, and less than in one year revolution broke out in Russia. Many researchers say that this revolution has served the reason for the great Russia losing the war to small Japan. The English are mentioned by far less, however, they are notorious puppeteers in the politic arena of the world and they only gained from the fact that the Russian empire, which has always been the geopolitical rival of England from the times of Peter the Great, has fallen. Many researchers adduce the arguments to support the fact that the English contributed to the revolutions in February and October 1917. The position of America in respect to the Russian revolutions is even less mentioned. However, it should be noted that the USA were the first to recognize the USSR and the first foreign businessman who started operations with the Soviet Russia on a large scale was an American. Famous Armand Hammer. Hammer and his brother Victor brought national valuables out of Russia in large volume. This was exactly how many of the most famous work-pieces of Faberge were moved abroad. Only Forbes collection possesses as many Easter eggs manufactured by "Faberge" as remain in all museums in Russia