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The crime will be solved

Company : LLC "Motor Film Studia"
Year : 2007
Duration :  48 min
Total number of releases :  16
Written by : Alexander I. Zhilin, Olga O. Demina
Directed by : Sergey V. Kraus (stage name Sergey Skoblin)
There are only three of them, but they are worthy the whole department, because they are the best. Ryss, Gnezdikovsky, Glukhareva. Colleagues name them for fun "the nest of wood-grouses", and this joke has double sense as it is connected not only with "speaking" surnames of two heroes. The matter is that the magnificent trio specializes on "wood-grouses" — so on a professional slang crimes are called which did not manage to be opened. It was not possible for other people to open them. But — not for our heroes! The crime will be opened, if these three undertake business. There is also a socially-educational aspect of a series: punishment is inevitable. The one who crosses the line of law, sooner or later will be tried.