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Sea demons 3

Year :  2009
Duration :  48 min
Total number of releases :  16
Written by :  Boris Batuev, Aleksey Gavrilenko, Alexander Paigalik, Andrey Romanov
Directed by :  Sergey Basin, Kirill Kapitsa, Aleksey Prazdnikov, Ivan Savenkov, Victor Shkuratov
Music by :  Aleksey Karpov
Produced by :  Victor Budilov
Starring :  Oleg Chernov, Ivan Parshin, Vitaly Kovalenko, Vladimir Maslakov, Daria Yurgens, Anatoly Rudakov, Evgeny Ganelin, Maxim Selyutin, Kirill Kapitsa, Mikhail Chernyak, Mikhail Khrustalev, Igor Kachaev, Alexander Pagainik, Yuri Tomilin, Sergey Nozdrin
Continuation of a known serial. It is film about Special Forces Group brotherhood, man's friendship, officer honour, about modern heroes of our country which names never will get in leading articles of newspapers. The primary goal of a serial is to show army such what it should be with an example of protagonists of the movie — highly professional, disciplined, ready to any unexpectedness. To inspire the spectator pride of our Armed forces. The serial consists of 16 separate fighting histories which happened or could happen in reality. The scene of action of the serial is not limited to territory of Russia. Fighters appear there where their professional skills are needed , there, where it is necessary to protect interests of Russia and the Russian citizens.