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The rate for a life

Company : JSC "Maximus"
Year :  2008
Duration :  44 min
Total number of releases :  48
Cast : Anatoly Kotenev, Evklid Klordzidis, Anna Kozytchis, Nana Kiknadze, Alexander Dzyuba, Nikita Panfilov, Pavel Sborschikov, Boris Shevchenko, Julia Pojidaeva, Andrey Semenov.
Written by : Anastasiya Volkova, Valery Zelensky, Elena Laskareva
The basic theme of a serial is a private life of organizers and participants so-called " fights without rules ", for fans of severe entertainment. However the main thing become not only the fights (though they are allocated with a sufficient place), but the relations between the characters: their family and job relations,, their private, daily life. Quite a wealthy man — the Chief, silent and quiet in a usual life, owns an elite club where very few people can get in. In club there are severe fights, and young fighters become a subject of the highest rates for spectators. Fights continue till a fatal outcome. Someone of fighters comes here because of the money, necessary for relatives' treatment, for wedding, someone are hired and even blackmailed by the agents of the Chief, someone appears here voluntarily, finding in fights a way out to the emotions. The lives of the characters of the serial is bound so, that it becomes an additional intrigue to the basic line of a plot. The daughter of the chief falls in love with one of fighters. A journalist, the girlfriend of one of members of that club, learns the information on an event behind the walls of the club, she prepares a sensational report. Some of fighters perish, and their friends, who understood the horror of the situatiion only after their death start to revenge. Rigidity and even cruelty of "fights" shade scenes from the characters' lives — their mutual relations with the parents favourites, friends, with each other. The serial can be interesting to different groups of spectators, both age, and social.