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Unsolved crimes

Company : JSC "MAXIMUS"
Year : 2008
Duration :  46 min
Total number of releases :  32
Written by : E. Mansurov
Directed by : A. Kalugin
The idea of the serial consists that any crime accomplished will be always followed with punishment, and time is not the defender, but more likely the conclusive judge. The plot of the serial is constructed on the basis of archival affairs which have been closed due to insufficiency of evidence, but presently, with the advent of new circumstances, old cases are actual again. Investigation is based on evidence of the survived witnesses, of the wonderfully saved material evidences and, certainly, on human memory and intuition, that continue to surprise us with its sudden changes. In our serial the Department of Internal Affairs forms an experimental group of detectives which specializes on disclosing complicated cases. The group consists both of skilled specialists and young ones which only begin the career in militia. All characters are very different (by age, intelligence, attitude to life, nationality, traits of character , etc.) But all of them are united by zealous attitude and fanatical love to their work. The greater role in the serial play personal relations and family problems of the characters. On their background professional work of the main characters becomes more dramatic. The unalianable attributes of militian (criminal) serials are prosecution, capture, display of physical strength by our heroes. It dictates us the image of workers of criminal departments. The spectator wishes to see physical strength in them, besides intellectual skills. They are defenders, people who are strong in every respect. The important role in a serial is given to humour. Any serious, psychological situation becomes more convincing and stronger if it is flavoured by a comedy insert (a fleeting joke, a ridiculous situation, etc.) It is difficult to imagine relations between our characters which spend a huge quantity of time together, risk their lives, rescueing each other, etc. without love affairs at work or we shall assume without — meek love, or unexpected affair with the representative of other social order (criminal for example). Love is the same extreme and "circulation on an edge", as well as work in a criminal department. They are very similar inherently. One incorrect step and it is practically impossible to change the situation. There is a spirit of romanticism in the serial. It would be desirable, that the spectator felt a little, in good sense, envy to our heroes and their uneasy work.