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Once there lived an old man

Company : OJSC "AMEA-FILM"
Year :  2008
Duration :  94 min
Directed by :  Boris Kazakov
Written by : Nikolay Golikov
Produced by : Valery Spirin, Denis Radimin, Ilyas Baydalinov
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A 60-year-old businessman Peter Gavrilovich Kuznetsov is a handsome man in blossoming. He has not got used to refuse himself in pleasures and bathes in luxury, having a good time with the young mistress. But unexpectedly everything changes: the terrible illness takes away his health, and the life ruins in moments. The son with whom Peter Gavrilovich hasn't communicated for many years, does not hasten to come to help, and the woman who has recently been burnt with passion, leaves him without a shadow of doubt.