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Star race

Company : Telecompayis NTV
Year : 2008
Parts : 1
Link-men : Alexey Pobortsev
In 1983 president Reagan promised to protect the americans from possible rocket impact from the USSR. He believed, that his strategic defensive initiative "Star wars" will make nuclear war impossible. Today, when Russia and the USA are not opponents any more, America creates system of antimissile defense near to our borders. How will American system of antimissile defense operate and against whom will it be directed? Whether it threatens Russia? To answer these questions, Alexey Pobortsev went to Alaska, to a fort of Grili where the American antimissile installations are allocated, and saw with his own eyes how they are tested. But the story will be not only about rockets. The authors of the movie visited "heart" of Russian Alaska, the island Kadiak where there is a testing field, and also on range Brdy in Czechia. In the village of Trokavets nearest to range with the population only 97 person once there were hitlerite divisions, then there was a Soviet military base, now Americans are going to put their radar station. The population is strictly against it, but the government is so pro, that Minister of Defence Vlasta Parkanova together with the popular Czech singer has written down a song "Good afternoon, radar" and during Georges Bush's visit to Prague has presented him a CD-disk. Having visited on real duty in the Russian rocket armies of strategic purpose, Alexey Pobortsev is convinced: Russia today has such rockets, that we have no point in worrying about any American antimissile system. And what is there for us in the future? Key experts in the field of arms, Russian and American, reflect on it in the movie.