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One day

Year : 2008
Parts : 2
Duration : 51.03
Directed by : Sergey Komarov
Written by : Sergey Komarov
Producer : P. Arunov
Music : tanislav Semenov
Cast : Alexey Serebryakov, Irina Pegova, Maxim Schegolev, Nadezhda Bakhtina, Anton Kukushkin, Tatyana Isakova, Vitor Sergachev, Kiril Pletnev, Deni Dadaev, Ivan Kosichkin, Anatoly Otradnov
The owner of a car repair service Lesha has run into debt the large sum of money to the comrade Valery, in hard times for him, Lesha's wife Ira is about to give birth, charges — addition family all the same are coming. Lesha's business is under the protection of a very respected man Dusya who this day takes away the repaired Mercedes from Lesha's workshop. In spite of protection Lesha asks money for repair. As to spite Dusya is short of money, but he suggests that Lesha should earn additionally and being his partner in a simple business and earn a little — he has just to go with Dusya for a meeting. Tolik, a skilled member of special unit, the commander of group, this day is going to catch red-handed а very large fish. After that he has to fetch his daughter from school and to visit in a maternity home his wife Sveta who is about to give birth. A special action passes successfully, Dusya himself gets in hands of militia! Lesha, despaired to receive money observes the operation from the window of Dusya's Mercedes. He hastens to Ira, she promises to give birth today, Lesha promised her to be together with her. On coincidence of circumstances this day Ira gets in one chamber with Sveta, Tolik's wife. They are looked after by young nurse Anja, who has today her first working day. It so seems, that it worries more than lying-in women, she constantly calls to her fiance Sasha and tells him everything, that happens to her. Meantime Леша dares to robber a bank. He chooses the first got "Sberbank" and ineptly threatening with a pistol, demands from the cashier of money.