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Dacha lodger

Company :  ฮฮฮ "TELEKOMPANIYA NTV”, JSC Kinokompaniya "Studiya IY"
Year :  2007
Duration :  42.25 min
Total number of releases :  2
Written by : Nikolay Golikov and Ivan Schegolev
Directed by : Ivan Schegolev
Music by : Dmitry Chervets
Produced by : Alexander Samoylenko, Maxim Suhanov, Evgeny Poznyshev, Ilya Ognev
Starring : Alexander Samoylenko, Natalya Schukina, Alexey Melnikov, Evgeniya Guseva, Yury Vaksman, Zhanna Sagitova, Matvey Golyanov, Masha Amanova, Dmitry Titov, Raul Ganeev, Sergey Volkov, Alexander Mironov, Konstantin Dydyshko, Ivan Schegolev, Yuris Lautsinish, Eduard Galeev, Evgeny Mushko.
13 years ago a gangster Michael Shpagin remained by chance alive after execution of his chief and criminal authority Tuz and his family. He isn't gangster any more. He works as adriver for businessman Maslov … Once waiting for his chief who was late at the mistress, Shpagin dozed off. The come back chief found a package of photos where his love joys in the car were shown. Maslov concluded, that Shpagin was going to blackmail him and expelled the driver. Shpagin remains without work and decides to hand over his summer residence to a young journalist Zhanna. Shpagin quarrels with the son, and Kiril leaves the house. Father finds the son in Zhanna's bed. Shpagin cannot expel Zhanna: nobody will pay to him such money. He takes the son home … And at home the letter from the bank about necessity urgently to extinguish debts under the credit waits for him … Shpagin asks Zhanna of payment for half a year forward … Zhanna asks him to repair the pump swinging water from a well. During repair Shpagin falls in the well and loses consciousness … He does not remember, how he finds himself with Jeanne in bed. They are found by Kiril and shoots at his father, having wounded him in a hand. Shpagin's ife Alena submits on divorce … Shpagin begs his wife for a pardon, but soon someone calls Alena up and informs her, that her husband on a summer residence with the journalist … Final divorce … Shpagin leaves to live in public apartments …His car is stolen and burnt … He begins to understand, that Zhanna is to blaim in his all misfortunes