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To marry a general

Company : Telecompany "Dixi-TV"
Year : 2008
Duration : 57 min
Total number of releases : 2
Written by : Ezhen Schedrin, Yury Kamenetsky
Directed by : Vladimir Vinogradov
Music by : Alexander Schelygin
Produced by : Efim Lyubinsky
Starring : Anna Bolshova, Inga Oboldina, Igor Filippov, Igor Yasulovitch, Viktor Verzhbitsky, Sasha Siguev, Viktor Bunakov.
Lightminded and attractive Irina gets acquainted with the hero of Russia, general Seryogin and very much wishes to marry it. Thus she behaves seriously and modestly, as her best friend Tatyana to whom such behaviour is more peculiar. It is pleasant to the general. Irina, thus, wishes to marry Tatyana to her Chief. For this purpose she makes her friend behave thoughtlessly, the Chief still pays no attention. In due course it becomes clear, that Tatyana is intended for the general, and Irina would suit the chief more. But Tatyana and the general everyone cannot meet in any way. The general proposes to Irina. It is found out, that Tatyana and general Seryogin once have been familiar and enamoured each other, but were afraid to admit it. Tatyana thought, that Seryogin was lost, and he, in his turn, thought, that Tatyana was married. Seryogin likes in Irina that she behaves as pleasant just as Tatyana.