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Trench life

Company : LLC "VS Production" (Russia)
Year : 2007 — 2008
Duration : 26-00
Total number of releases : 12 (21.09.2008)
Written by : Elena Kiseleva
Directed by : Ekaterina Vescheva
Produced by : Danila Sharapov
Starring : Sergey Shnurov
The project is devoted to a daily life of soldiers and officers at the front during different military campaigns — World War II, Afghani, the Chechen wars, campaigns in Vietnam and Angola. The soldier's life at various times looks differentlyto a life constant. Simple details of a life of people on war of very few people are known and consequently will cause interest in the diversified audience. Leader Sergey Shnurov acts in unusual to himself role. He for a long time has been keen by daily history of wars, is interested in problems of the soldier on war sincerely and sympathetically. Each series of a cycle tells about one of aspects of a military reality and the different parties trench lives reveal on an example of different wars. The story is under construction on interview, on alive dialogue which is conducted with front-line soldiers by Sergey Shnurov. All interviews are logically organized and dynamically mounted. In a cycle archival materials and reconstruction are widely used.