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The last country-house of Secretary general. A film of Alexeq Pobortsev

Company : OAO "Telekompaniya NTV" ( Russia)
Year : 2008
Duration : 28 min
Total number of releases : 1
Directed by : Nataliya Panova
Produced by : Bova Gorodovikova, Ivan Kuzhelkov, Konstantin Mylnikov
Starring : Author and narrator — Alexey Pobortsev
In the middle of 80th years in Myusser, in the condition of strict privacy a construction of a new summer residence of Michael Gorbachev — a gift of Georgian government begins. Magnificent interiors are created by Zurab Tsereteli. The summer residence of the secretary general is erected close to Stalin's summer residence. Two historic figures, two epochs, absolutely different two styles of a building... In film the staff of the chronicle are used: M.S.Gorbachev and L.I.Brezhnev; E.Shevarnadze; the Georgian-Abkhazian conflict. In creation of film took part: Stanislav Lakoba, the historian; P. Bartsits, chairman of the State Committee of a forestry of Abkhazia; Valery Kirtbaja, director of resort association of Pitsunda; Victor Jushin, the employee of 9-th management of KGB; Merab Tchenkheli, the main architect of the project "Seagull-M"; Valery Zade, director of a country complex "Seagull-M"; Back Amina, the sister the mistress of a country complex in Myusser; Alexander Arbuzov, a worker a country complex.