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Chapaev must be assassinated

Company : ROO "Association Nashe Kino" on the order of OAO "TELEKOMPANIA NTV"
Year : 2008
Duration : 44'
Total number of releases : 1
Written by : Lyudmila Timofeyeva
Directed by : Yulia Satarova, Sergey Kraus
Produced by : Alexander Emir-Shakh
Starring : Narrator Alexander Klyukvin
The film is devoted to a story of a life and death of the legendary commander of Red Army V.I.Chapaev. Circumstances of its death are not quite clear. On one of the versions Chapaev has sunk, crossing the river Ural. On another, mortally wounded he has died at a crossing and has been buried ashore. Doubtless it is possible to consider that fact that the legendary hero and the national leader became the victim of totalitarian system and was destroyed by hands of the White not without the aid of traitors of a military staff. Such person as Chapaev — independent, direct and uncompromising, simply could not be welcome to the military command and especially to Trotsky. Historians underline military talent of the commander, his ability to take control in a critical situation, authority among soldiers despite intolerance of Chapaev to sloppiness. His sincere kindness is also noted: Chapaev brought up both native and the children of the killed friend. Historians took part in the program: Boris Ajrapetjan, Andrey Burovsky, Andrey Ganin, Sergey Semanov, Sergey Balmasov; great-granddaughter of V.I.Chapaev Alla Chapaeva; great-great-granddaughter Vasilisa Chapaeva.