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Company : OOO TRIIKS MEDIA GROUP, on the order of NTV
Year : 2008
Duration : 1 h 25 min
Total number of releases : 1
Written by : Alexey Rybin
Directed by : Andrey Scherbinin
Music by : Ned Hopper
Produced by : Inessa Yurchenko
Starring : Anvar Libavov, Valery Nikolaev, Oksana Skakun, Semen Strugachev, Yury Itskov, Andrey Fedortsov
A scientist- genius Anton Groshev elaborates a unique substance — the stimulator of brain activity, that unbelievebly increases people's abilities. It also can be used as a "zombying" mount to harm people. Groshev's chief decides to sell the mount to criminals and to take Groshev to a mental clinic. Anton's brother — Sasha — is a common busynessman — wants to take into posession the house and a piece of land nearby that have been willed to him by their father. But he needs Anton's signature to do this. Together with his mistress who is also his secretary, he takes Anton from the mental clinic, have bribed the staff. The Chief — doctor notices this in time and informs Groshev's chief, that Anton has dissapeared. The chase for Anton has started.