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I'll decide it myself

Production : Studio Panorama
Year : 2004
Duration : 45-49 min
Number of series : 6
Written by : Anush Vardanyan, Andrew Libenson
Director : Tatyana Melnikova
Camera : Leonid Vasiliev
Starring : Olga Ponizova Sergey Murzin, Arina Stepanova, Thomas Byzgu Leonid Alimov, Sergey Lisov, Eugene Merkur'ev Vasily Reutov, Peter Korolev
It took several years. Inna with children moved to St. Petersburg, has established its journal "Life", has bought an apartment, a car, in general, has become a successful business lady. However, constant stress and strain does not pass without leaving a trace ... Out of the Forest comes Verka- an old girlfriend. Now she is the -artdirector of the ensemble of volk songs. Inna decides to write about the Russian "repershu" article ... Someone has continued spying on Inna ...