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The Kremlin funerals

Company : ROO "Association " NASHE KINO" on the order of OAO NTV Broadcasting company (Russia)
Year : 2009
Duration : 45 min.
Total number of releases : 35 (11.07.2009)
Written by : Olga Demina
Directed by : Sergey Kraus
Produced by : Alexander Emir-Shakh
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Lives of the Soviet leaders have been surrounded by set of legends. But not only lives Almost all representatives of the Soviet aristocracy have died so that historians argue till now, trying to understand the reasons of death natural, at first sight, and to separate propagation and conjectures from the facts. With death of the next Kremlin master against official obituaries and a demonstrative national grief hearings and gossips were multiplied, there were improbable versions, some of which as show the declassified archives, have not been deprived the bases. Who has poisoned Lenin and whether he has been poisoned in general? To whom was murder of Kirov favourable? Why after death Dzerzhinsky persevering hearings went, what the death of "the knight of revolution was violent? Business of doctors-murderers a tragical farce or result of a real negligence and medical errors? Why leaders began to be buried near the Kremlin wall, and later in her and who had the right to appear on the most elite cemetery of Soviet Union? Answers to this and many other questions are in the new documentary cycle constructed on a material of declassified archival documents and results of set of expert judgements.