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Mad day

Production : OOO "PPK"
Year : 2008
Number of releases : 42
Written by : Petr Fedulin
Directed by : Sergej Osipov
Daily in Russia and in the world there is a weight of events after which you will not name the last day differently as "mad". They seldom get to releases of news — because do not concern neither a policy, nor to economy, and do not get at all to a format of traditional "serious" information genres. But such news are discussed among themselves and searched in newspapers. NTV creates a new format for such "informat" news — "Mad day". Daily on NTV the review of funny cases and unexpected incidents in video data which reporters and стрингеры the channel have managed to remove, and also "mobile correspondents" — and now such plots which have been removed on mobile phones, comes every day more and more. Approximate structure that: 1. Plyuschenko and Jagudin escape from a fire in an ice palace. (Video of the sportsmen running in a panic from a building directly in the fads). 2. Tina Kandelaki is filmed by the paparazzi on a road accident place (video of a star attacking the paparazzi). 3. In Sergey Zverev's salon there was a poltergeist (video from observation cameras of subjects moving in salon), 4. Video which has been filmed on a mobile phone with the image of "face" in clouds. 5. In Kostroma it was possible to film the UFO video (the neolearnt object is photographed in the sky over the river). Etc.