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Cold case. The continuation

Produced by : Broadcasting Company Dixi -TV Ltd.
Year : 2009
Produced by : Yefim Lyubinsky
Written by : Ilya Kulikov
Directed by : Gyzel Kireeva, Vyacheslav Kaminsky
Starring : Maxim Averin, Denis Rozhkov, Maria Boltneva, Viktoria Tarasova, Vladimir Feklenko
Main characters: the investigator Sergei Glukharev and his friend, an employee of the district DPS Denis Antoshin; two knights with a mass of accusations. They are simple people who live very ordinary lives, with its joys and disappointments, until invulnerable superheroes to them as far as to the general's epaulettes. Their hard work, low wages and meager personal life, which, of course, does not add optimism. But friends do not lose their presence of mind and continue to protect the rule of law. A society that they protect, not always with due respect for their hard work, but Glukharev Antoshin and continue to perform their duties while maintaining a sense of humor and leave room for simple human weaknesses ...