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Once a Commando, Always a Commando

Company : OOO “TRIIKS MEDIA GROUP”, ny (Russia)
Year : 2010
Duration : 46 min.
Total number of releases : 16
Written by : Aleksey Rubin
Directed by : Andrey Korshynov
Produced by : Inessa Yurchenko; Sergey Scheglov
Starring : Pavel Maikov; Vitalyi Kydriavcev; Aleksandr Bolshakov; Aleksandr Baranovskyi; Angelina Karelina; Valeryi Degtiar; Lev Eliseev; Ryslan Ibragimov; Andrei Astrahancev; Yuri Tarasov
This story starts when ex-commandos: Andrey Vesnin, Sergey Popov, nicknamed Pop, and Igor Snegiryov, called Bird by his friends, are invited to the restaurant by Valery Karasyov (Vobla), their ex-comrade-in-arms, who wants to tell them something very important. But their dinner ends in tragedy as Snegiryov starts to settle old scores with Karasyov and during their scuffle an unknown man suddenly appears to shoot Vobla to death… While the friends are trying to bring Karasyov to life, witnesses of the accident call the police. Friends understand quickly that they will be the main suspects of this crime as nobody will believe their story about an unknown shooter. The guys can do nothing but escape and try to find the killer… Very soon Vesna and Pop got to know that Vobla’s widow has been killed and they again are the main suspects of this crime. The commandos will be pursued, policemen, gangsters and drug dealers will be after them. Their only salvation will be to conduct their own investigation and capture the real killers. Trying to find the truth, the fearless fighters will have to face real danger and numerous difficulties but they are ready to go all the way and find out why their friend and his wife were killed, find and punish the instigator of these crimes. And they are to succeed as once a commando, always a commando even if it is peacetime and even if they are on civvy street!