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In search of France

Company : ROO "Association " NASHE KINO" on the order of OAO NTV Broadcasting company (Russia)
Year : 2010
Duration : 46 min.
Total number of releases : 9
Written by : Olga Demina
Directed by : Sergey Kraus
Produced by : Alexander Emir-Shakh
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What does it first come to mind when we say “France”? The Eiffel Tower, French wine, foie gras and, of course, the famous phrase “cherchez la femme” which perfectly conveys the romantic and mysterious spirit of this country. What is the real France like? “Cherchez la France” it is what is suggested by Vadim Glusker, the author and narrator of the project who is presenting on NTV his new documentary cycle “In Search of France”. Due to his news reports we know what is happening in France but news is a special genre which is too brief and precise to describe any country, let alone France. At last in this new project Vadim Glusker who has spent many years working in France has the opportunity to share his impressions about this wonderful country. Each film of the project will focus on one of the phenomena which constitute the essence of the France as we know it and let us feel the wonderful and inexplicable links which exist between France and Russia.