Vadim Glusker attempts to lift the veil of mystery over an extremely closed organization a Masonic lodge which consists of the following lodges in France: the Great East of France, the Grand Lodge of France and the Womens Grand Lodge. Is this organization a philosophy club or an influential political power? It is obvious that even though the true goals of this organization do not consist in pure philosophizing, its activities are aimed at benefits of the society Great French minds were members of Masonic lodges The fate of Masonic archives Masonic influence on the Russian culture of dissent. Are the main symbols of France Masonic? With the participation of: Alain Noël Dubart, the Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of France; Bernadette Capello, the Grand Mistress of the Womens Grand Lodge; Pierre Lambicchi, the Grand Master of the Great East of France; Sophie Coeuré, historian; Vladislav Rzheutsky, historian; Hélène Carrère d'Encausse, President of the French Academy of Sciences.