Zinovy Peshkov, revolutionary Yakov Sverdlovs brother and Maxim Gorkys adopted son, was called Russian owner of Paris by his contemporaries. How did a son of a shoemaker from Nizny Novgorod manage to become one of the topside people of French politics, occupying high posts in diplomatic and intelligence services? But Zinovy Peshkov considered his rank of legionnaire to be his main military rank. Charles de Gaulle himself highly appreciated Peshkovs business and personal qualities. According to people who knew Peshkov, he was a great man both in actions and in feelings. Reserved and restrained, he was a real seducer who loved and was loved by women. With the participation of: Francis Yure, Academician, Zinovy Peshkovs biographer; Collette Tolstoy, Zinovy Peshkovs friend; Pyotr Sheremetev, President of the International Council of Russian Compatriots; Max Gallo, member of the French Academy of Sciences, Charles de Gaulles biographer; Alexy Neviyasky, Director of Foreign Legion Museum; Alexandre Mora, Director of the Mémorial Charles de Gaulle; Konstantin Melnik, ex-chief of French secret service; Frederic Dufour, exhibition curator of the Charles de Gaulle Museum.