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Signs of Fate

Year : 2010
Duration : 45 min
Number of episodes : 20
Written by : Alexey Kozulyaev, Vyacheslav Rogozhkin, Alexey Moshkov, Evgeny Kharkhardin, Alexander Zhukov, Konstantin Sarkisyan, Alik Sharafetdin, Dmitry Lomov
Directed by : Valery Myznikov, Sergey Kholodny, Konstantin Sarkisyan, Mikhail Zhernevsky
Cameraman : Igor Buchnev
Starring : Alexander Mironov, Rostislav Bershauer, Lilia Burkova, Alexander Kasatkin, Nikolay Serdtsev
The series is based on real events. In 2002 one of the best investigators of the City Department of Internal Affairs, Ivan Romanov, disappeared in mysterious circumstances. Years later his daughter Elena graduated with honours from the Academy of the Ministry of the Interior carrying on the family tradition and went into service to the special investigation department where she and her colleagues, Andrey Sazonov, Evgeny Klimov and Anton Sazhin, were to inquire into the most complicated and unusual cases. Romanova’s well-known strong point is dactilography, search and analysis of fingerprints which can help to reconstruct the crime and catch the criminal. But secretly from her colleagues Elena practices chiromancy in attempt to understand if she can learn something more about the criminal’s character and attitudes using this nontraditional method or if it is possible to predict a crime after reading the cryptic signs of fate? She was induced to try this method by her old one-time meeting with a gypsy. The fortuneteller attempted to hypnotize the girl but Elena remained conscious and turned the swindler to the police. The revengeful gypsy predicted ill fortune to the Romanovs. When the prediction was gradually coming true Elena began wondering what can be read from the unique lines on a person’s hand… Some Elena’s colleagues laugh at her methods, the others disparage them, but quiet often her guesses help to seize an important strand and solve the case. Step by step Elena is winning co-workers’ respect, but the main thing is that she is getting closer to the solution of her most important case — her father’s disappearance…