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Year : 2010
Duration : 90 min
Number of episodes : 1
A modest teacher of history Alexander Lvov (Y. Tsapnik) is happily married to Anna, a woman with a child. The adopted son, an eight year old boy Vanka, became for Alexander like his own long ago. But then a paratrooper Vadim Kotov (D. Maryanov), Annas ex-husband and Vankas biological father, returns from the army after he has served on contract. He wants his son back. Conflicts happen one by one unless finally both men are united by common trouble Vanka is kidnapped. The boy went to the same class with another Vanka, the son of a local businessman Oleg Khromov (S.Gorobchenko). Moreover, the boys were friends. And now the first one is kidnapped by mistake instead of the second one, the businessmans son. The same day the businessman receives a call with a ransom demand. Oleg Khromov, a hard and strong man, begins negotiations with kidnappers. His son has not come back from school yet and he does not know that he is really all right. Soon his son is back home and Khromov decides it was a practical joke, he is already about to tell the gaggers to go to hell, but fathers of the kidnapped boy, teacher Lvov and paratrooper Kotov, come to his place. They have already got what has happened and ask Khromov to help them to keep it secret that his son is alright and go on negotiating with the bandits. Not at once but still, Khrovom, ex-soldier of Afghan war, agrees to help them, sends his son to another city and answers again the phone calls of bandits. He agrees to pay the ransom. A meeting for money transfer is appointed. Teacher Lvov goes to the meeting and paratrooper Kotov keeps him under supervision. Nobody comes to take money, but the paratrooper managed to grab the kidnappers informant. The informant does not own up to anything, he is affected by neither reasonable words of the teacher nor the paratroopers fists. Then, the teacher gets an idea to check his mobile phone. He dials the last number saved in phone memory and reaches a certain Valek. Following this tip, Lvov and Kotov go to save their son unless the kidnappers have understood that their boy is not that one they need. Their first trace is a pilferer Valek, who lead the kidnappers to businessman Khromov. Valek absconds but Khromov is acquainted with him and knows how to find him. He tells about it to the teacher and paratrooper. The fathers find Valek in sauna in a low company. The paratrooper easily wipes them up and Valek confesses that he gave information about businessman Khromov to his old bud Ilya. Ilya owns an uptown cafe. The fathers go there and scrap with Ilyas security. While the paratrooper is wiping them up, the teacher finds Ilya in his office and here for the first time in his life comes to blows and even scores off. Ilya confesses he gave the bandits a tip-off about Valek who in his turn fingered at businessman Khromov, and warns the teacher that the band is really serious, worked in another city before, but someone stepped on their toes there and now they work here. Ilya tells that Khromovs son is kidnapped not by accident. There were some old scores between Khromov and that pin. Then Ilya gives a tip-off that the bandits are in some country house. The fathers go there. The band is in the country house in its full strength. There begins a real battle between fathers and bandits. But suddenly fathers are stalemated in the last room and there are very poor chances to get out alive of there. This moment Khromov appears. There is a short talk between Khromov and pin Potekhin (A.Kot) and it becomes clear that Khromov somehow crossed Potekhin up accidently in the past and the latter lost almost everything. For many years he dreamed of revenge and finally found Khromov and whats more important discovered his soft spot his son, the only and favorite child. In the skirmish between Khromov and Potekhin the bandit is killed, Khromov is injured. The fathers after off-time come to blows again. They win finally, all the bandits are wiped up and their common son Vanka is saved.