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The Beach

Year : 2013
Duration : 46
Number of episodes : 32
Produced by : Dmitry Pisaruk, Murat Mezhiev, Alexander Kotlov
Written by : Andrey Galanov and Maxim Belozor
Directed by : Dmitry Panteleev
Cast : Zaza Chanturia, Pavel Delong, Georgy Dronov, Anna Topchy, Vitaly Saly, Alexander Perkov, Dana Agisheva, Nikolay Grigorenko, Alexey Smolka, Maria Tsap-Strashilina, Georgy Khostikoev, Elena Balamutova, Saak Duryan, Arsen Bosenko, Oleg Shevchuk, Dmitry Zakharov (IV), Anna Sagaydachnaya, Alyona Alymova, Ivanna Bzhezinskaya, Mikhail Dosenko, Mark Drobot, Andrey Melnikov, Valery Savchenko (II), Mikhail Malitsky, Roman Lukyanov, Georgy Deliev, Maxim Zapisochny, Vasily Kukharsky
Territory : Worldwide
Rights : All
Rights are valid : up to 15.04.2084
For ten years Sergey Paramonov has been managing a beach in the small resort town of Asovsk on the Black Sea coast. The beach is a profitable place but noisy and full of trouble. Ten years ago in his native town of Azovsk Paramonov was a criminal investigator in the district police office which is situated almost across the road, against the building of the beach administration, his present residence. But now the head of the Seaside Main Internal Affairs Directorate is Andrey Goshko, his childhood playmate and a fellow student at the Faculty of Law who has got to the rank of Major. And as only 50 meters separate the building of the beach administration and the police office, the best friends can see each other several times every day. But Paramonov cant help continuing to be an investigator in his soul. Besides, the life itself does not let him forget his police past. Though everything is absolutely perfect on the beach managed by him, some criminal, almost criminal or connected with criminal world incidents happen there almost every day, such as thefts, scraps between intoxicated people, lost of children and dogs and so on. Sometimes Paramonov himself investigates such cases, and he searches for, discovers and detains suspects. On the whole, he performs his usual and habitual investigative work. Sometimes he unwittingly starts to take part in the investigation of more serious cases when he drops in to see Goshko. And sometimes Goshko comes to him, asking for his help and advice, if a case is really serious. The main idea of the series is that in each episode the main character, a former policeman and now a rather successful man, has to carry out investigations alone or with his friend, the head of the MIAD. No doubt, a resort is a place to love and to be loved. While Goshko has to strengthen his marriage, he is periodically distracted from by numerous beautiful and suntanned women who visit Asovsk in summer, Paramonov, who is single, is destined to experience romantic feelings which are able to turn into something more serious than just a holiday romance.