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Time-studi : 1õ90’
Year : 2012
Studio : “Triiks Media” Ltd.
Produced by : Inessa Yurchenko, Sergey Shcheglov
Idea of : Andrey Tumarkin
Written by : Igor Kopylov, Anna Lekareva
Directed by : Igor Kopylov
Camera by : Dmitry Mass
Cast : Ilya Noskov, Alexander Aravushkin, Alexandra Mareeva, Natalya Vysochanskaya, Roman Ageev
A runaway hardened criminal Koltsov hitches a lift. The talkative driver tells him about his daughter Vera whom he has not seen since her birth and is now going to visit many years on. Suddenly, a police patrol starts pursuing the car, the driver is being killed by a snap shot but the bandit manages to fling off pursuers. Hiding out Koltsov goes to Vera under the guise of her father and learns that she is being threatened to thus influence her husband. Genuinely feeling pity for his “daughter” Koltsov decides to intervene – he has never had either a family or children. But his delusive family life is not destined to last long – he is just a guest in this house…