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The Mediator

Production : LLC “Triiks Media”
Year : 2013
Number of episodes : 4
Territory : Worldwide
Rights : All
Rights are valid : up to 26.08.2084
The younger sister of Elena Vlasyuk, the owner of a beauty salon, has been kidnapped. Almost a year Vera cannot walk after a car accident in which her elder sister was at fault. The relationships between sisters are rather strained. Elena blames herself for what has happened and Vera, miffed with the whole world, reminds her of that whenever possible. Elena hoped very much that the forthcoming surgery would change everything. Elena learns about the kidnapping due to a phone call from the hospital where her sister was. Then the kidnappers call her demanding three million rubles for Vera’s return. To settle her business, Elena has taken loans, and now nobody will give her a ruble. But she decides not to put at risk the life of her sister and refuses to call the police. Elena has quickly sold her apartment and is ready to give the money to the kidnappers. Her acquaintances advise her to use an adequate person to handle the money. Such person really exists, he is a professional mediator. His name is Andrey Danilin, he is a former SWAT member. Andrey is a very honest person with stainless reputation, and both cops and criminals have confidence in him. Elena gives him the money. Danilin drives to the appointed place, precisely following the kidnappers’ instructions. But on his way to the venue he has a car accident and while he is unconscious for several seconds, somebody has taken away the bag with money. The kidnappers receive no money. They frighten to kill the girl. Danilin has managed to persuade them to give him several more days to find the money. Danilin’s reputation is at stake as well as Vera’s life. Elena refuses to believe Danilin. She submits an application to the police office, accusing Danilin of stealing her money. Now she has to explain everything about the money to policemen as well as to tell them that her sister has been kidnapped. It turns out that already for a long time policemen have been trying to catch a gang of kidnappers, but have failed to detect the mobsters who disappear into thin air after every crime. And, even having received the ransom, the mob kills kidnapped people in order not to leave any traces. Elena is shocked. She starts to search for her sister with Danilin. As now she has no flat of her own, she moves to Danilin’s apartment for the time of their search. Elena dislikes Danilin as she thinks that it is he who is responsible for all her problems but she can do nothing but stay with him. They ask the personnel of the hospital were Vera was seized about every detail. Danilin figures out the doctor whose car was parked near the place of kidnapping. The dashboard camera has recorded the kidnappers’ minibus at the moment when the bandits were loading Vera into it. Danilin with the help of Karpukhin runs the car plate… and according to expectation the car plate on the kidnappers’ car was faked. Only make of the vehicle becomes known. The investigation seems to have come to a dead-end, but Danilin refuses to give up and continues to follow the trace. At last, Danilin and Elena find the girl outside the town where she is kept in a forest ranger’s house. At the moment when several bandits were going to kill Vera, Danilin managed to liberate the girl. Vera is questioned in the police, and policemen have constructed facial composites of all other kidnappers. The policemen are rubbing their hands, hoping to catch the dangerous gang at last. Meanwhile the mobsters try to kill the girl, Danilin and Elena who have become unwanted witnesses for them. Assassination attempts follow one another. Cops decide to trap the criminals in the hospital using bait. Regardless of danger, Elena’s sister becomes such bait. The criminals have been attracted this way and Vera has been secretly taken away to Danilin’s dacha. One of the nurses of the hospital turns to be the kidnappers’ informer. On arresting the criminals at Danilin’s dacha, he recognizes among them the person who he thinks took the bag with money in the car accident. Danilin wants to interrogate him and saves his life during the shooting with policemen. According to the gangsters’ plan, this mobster was to keep an eye on Danilin’s handing over the ransom in order to make sure that Danilin had not engaged the police. When Danilin had a car accident, the criminal decided to take advantage of the situation. He took the money without saying anything to his companions. Danilin returns the money to Elena, the money she despairs of ever seeing again. Now she is able to buy back her flat. Elena can return home, but she is not eager to do it as Elena and Danilin have become very close to each other.