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Double Blues

Production : Triiks Media, LLC
Year : 2013
Number of episodes : 4
Territory : Worldwide
Rights : All
Rights valid : up to 15.08.2084
No doubt, things have been going badly with Levin lately. His wife rarely reproaches him for “sticking at his job” day and night but today she really seems to have run out of patience. Exactly at 7 o’clock in the morning. At the very moment when his old wound in the leg started to hurt, and, unfortunately, this hellish pain was in the habit of appearing suddenly and untimely. The pain has appeared more often recently, and only a handful of pain relievers can help his “Achilles’ heel” and avoid medical discharge. The Federal Security Service always sticks to the rules. Anyone can be dismissed, regardless of being one of the best operatives. None of us is indispensable. Damn! He does not want even to think about it now. Overcoming his pain, Levin has managed to calm down his wife in a patient and kind manner, unaware that this can do nothing but only delay an approaching end of their family happiness. What a terrible day! Levin has just entered his department, and the troubles seem to have been waiting for him. The young newcomer Timokhin not only failed his first case but also was appointed Levin’s workmate. “It will be he who gets me into trouble! How long will I be able to conceal my incapacity for work?” His workmate. Once Levin had a workmate who was his best friend Krutitsky. There was a really complicated situation in the past when Levin had to choose between his friend and the law. Levin has still doubted about his choice as he chose the law, and it means… “Damn! It means, it means. It is all in the past now. And it is time to forget.” Levin does not know yet that very soon all these things will become unimportant trifles and that the past is about to come back and change all his life. And not only his life. Levin is still unaware that Krutitsky has already come back to the city after a long absence. And, unlike Levin, he has his own outlook on life, views of the past and the future…