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Production : “Triiks Media” Ltd.
Year : 2010
Duration : 88
Number of episodes : 1
Genre : Criminal drama/thriller
Produced by : Inessa Yurchenko, Sergey Shcheglov
Written by : Alexey Rybin
Directed by : Evgeny Malkov
Starring : Vladimir Vdovichenkov, Olga Filippova, Mikhail Dolginin, Natalya Burmistrova, Kira Kaufman, Darya Chudakova
The multi-millionaire Ekaterina Zheleznova is kidnapped in order to capture her business. Bandits take her out of the city together with a group of young women, sex slaves. On the way the guards decide to “have fun” with the pretty women, Ekatirina and three more girls manage to run away. After long roaming in the forest the fugitive females come out to a chapel parish where they are discovered by one of the minor orders, Demidov. In his youth he participated in the Afghan war and then he forsook “this world” and became a pious and unsociable man. The bandits keep on searching the fugitive girls and discover their circumstantial shelter. Who will now protect Ekaterina? A tough choice stands in front of Demidov: to shed blood again or stay “otherworldly”….