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The Two

Production : Triiks Media Group Ltd.
Year : 2011
Duration : 86
Number of episodes : 1
Genre : Action
Produced by : Inessa Yurchenko, Sergey Shcheglov
Written by : Andrey Tumarkin, Anna Petrova
Directed by : Viktor Tatarsky
Cast : Pavel Maykov, Denis Sinyavsky, Pawel Delag, Yuliya Denisova, Vera Rel, Alexey Sergeev
There was a time when they did military service in Afghanistan together but were fated to meet again only 20 years later. There seems to be nothing in common between them now: one of them is a successful businessman, the other is a drinker who has turned out to be on the sidelines. Accidently the former brothers-in-arms become witnesses of a murder and save a little daughter of the oligarch from bandits. The criminals start hunting for the friends but they come off of all the hardships with honor as comrades-in-arms cannot be former