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Code of honour 2

Company :  STUDIO 2B
Year :  2004
Duration :  44 min
Total number of releases :  12
Written by :  Karyshev Denis
Directed and music by :  Georgy Nikolaenko
Producers :  David Keosayan, Felix Kleiman, Arkady Tsimbler
Starring :  Igor Lagutin, Gennady Mitnik, Stanislav Ryadinsky, Andrey Savostyanov, Georgy Nikolaenko, Vladimir Eremin, Alexander Ablyazov, Laura Keosayan, Vitaly Vashedsky
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Code of Honour 2 continues the story about Pastukhovs team, made up of former Special Forces officers, unjustly discharged from the army. This TV feature series includes six two-part episodes, each having its own plotline but the same main characters.

Pastukhs team suffered new losses. Muhka is killed in the course of an operation. Now the Trio agency consists of Pastukh, Doc and Timokha. But even in reduced strength they are able to accomplish tasks of any complexity.

A new stage of contemporary life exploration begins for Pastukh, Doc, Timokha and Maxim, who joined them during one of the operations. The Trio agency created by the heroes receives new orders for complicated and dangerous investigations. Regardless of any internal conflicts and even arguments arising among the friends, they always join efforts in critical situations and deal successfully with the task given.