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Production : Broadcasting Company “Triiks Mediagroup”, LLC
Year : 2013
Genre : Detective story
Duration : 45 min
Number of episodes : 24
Written by : A. BEREZHANSKY
Cast : Gusev Vladimir, Alimpiev Sergey, Polishchuk Andrey, Tryasorukov Mikhail, Bataryov Ivan, Smelov Andrey, Dvoretskaya Natalya, Buryak Zoya, Skuratova Mariya, Karateeva Olga, Umanov Sergey, Ovsyannikova Maria, Karpukhov Alexander, Danilov Nikolay, Dzygalo Anna and others.
Territory : Worldwide
Rights : All
Rights are valid : up to 17.03.2085
Vasily Stepanovich GAVRILOV is an investigator who has already been working in the police for more than 30 years. He has been asked to retire for a long time, but he has refused. Ganrilov doesn’t want to give up and retire on a pension voluntarily while his bosses are afraid to pension him off without his consent as one of his old buddies with whom Gavrilov studied in the police school is a deputy minister now. Due to Gavrilov’s age and stubbornness colleagues have nicknamed him a Mammoth. He believes that present investigators are green and lazy boys. Among Ganrilov’s assets there are broad experience, knowledge of everything and everyone in his district and his ability to pay attention to details. As soon as Zhenya CHUMAKOV, Gavrilov’s new colleague, enters his office, Mammoth immediately realizes that his bosses have made another attempt to pension him. Without doubt, Chumakov is not a person with whom it is pleasant to work: there is an earring in his ear and a tattoo on his shoulder, he wears awful clothing, his nose is broken and he has a pigtail. In no time he has been nicknamed Shell-Shocked. However, it is a diagnosis rather than a nickname. Chumakov and Gavrilov have one thing in common: the bosses want to but can’t dare to dismiss them. Chumakov is a hero. Almost a year ago he and his workmate prevented the sale of a large ammunition batch. There were shoot outs and an explosion. His friend was killed, and Chumakov was sent to hospital with a head wound but managed to survive. The story was covered by media and the Internet, he became famous for 15 minutes and returned to the police after his recovery. Doctors have decided not to invalid him out, but according to the opinion of people who surround him, his head is really affected by the wound. Chumakov will be the main character of the detective horizontal plot. His deed which made him famous will be more than just a prequel. Each episode will contain new details of the old story, including the fact that the main villain Yury APRASKIN (Yura Arap) was not killed during the explosion of the ammunition. The relations between Gavrilov and Chumakov are the main horizontal plot of the film. Of course, their attitude to each other have transformed from strong dislike into complete confidence. In spite of their age gap, rather quickly they become equal partners and real friends. Gavrilov who is a step away from his pension and ‘Shell-Shocked’ Chumakov form an ‘Invalid Team’, the most strange and, probably, the best operation group of the district.