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They don’t wear a uniform of public prosecution officers or policemen, fight a fire or against terrorists. But their work is not less hard and sometimes extremely dangerous. They are professional doctors, the personnel of an ordinary region hospital which everyday life is sometimes like a thrilling detective story. Doctors, interns, nurses, attendants, guardsmen… Each of them does his own job but they are united by one thing – no one keeps out of patients here. Together they not only fight for lives of the sick but often solve their problems and domestic dramas, unsnarl personal stories and get in serious and unpleasant situations. The employees of the hospital will practically prove how it is important to hold the bar high despite everyday stress, tiredness and constant risk. Saving other people’s lives, each of them will repeatedly makes sure of that human sympathy and a word of encouragement help not worse than an infusion or a surgical scalpel. To save a bride who happened to be on the surgical table on her wedding day or a circus artist who fell from a towering height during her performance, neutralize a violent maniac who sneaked into the hospital and fell on the nurses. Every day brings difficult tasks to the heroes and every case happens to be more complicated than the previous one. Thrilling episodes of the new project “The Doctors’ Case” are based on true stories.