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Production : ANKOR, LLC
Year : 2013
Genre : Detective
Number of episodes : 4
Territory : Worldwide
Rights : All
Rights valid : up to 01.11.2084
The film’s hero Alexander was in coma for twenty years. In the beginning of 90s, a young and promising agent was infiltrated into a criminal band. He had to trace the band’s “common fund” and organize an operation on neutralizing of its leaders but something went wrong at the last moment. Alexander who went to a “forum” of criminal kingpins, having no documents about him, got into an accident (framed up of course) and went missing for everyone! But whether for everyone actually? The unknown young man being in coma was moved from one province hospital to another and “settled down” finally in a hospital of a d-list regional center. And now the day when Alexander came out of coma has come...