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Byk and Shpindel

Production : Production Center Bravo, OOO
Year : 2014
Genre : Detective, comedy
Duration : 46 min
Number of episodes : 4
Produced by : Murat Mezhiev, Dmitry Pisaruk
Scriptwriter : Leonid Porokhnya
Directed by : Anatoly Artamonov
Actors : Igor Lifanov, Vladimir Zaytsev, Natalya Gudkova and others
Territory : Worldwide
Rights : All
Having served his sentence, Vasily Shpinyagin, nicknamed Shindel (Spindle), a petty theft, returned to his native town and came across the old investigator surnamed Byk (Bull) who had sent Shpindel to prison. But Byk was fired from the police long ago, and now he has been leading a life of a loser at his old dacha. Quite by chance Shpindel has settled down nearby, and it makes suspicious Byk mad, while cheerful Shpindel is only playing jokes on him. The clash between them is inevitable! But it is not the main issue. Byk has some problems with bandits. But Shpindel has also got problems with the same bandits as he has been trying to make the gang leader return what he owned him. So it turns out that Byk and Shpindel have the same enemy and a very dangerous one. It leaves no room for petty insults, as both of them have to survive. But it is possible only if the ex-thief and the ex-cop will unite their efforts and will start to trust each other. And this is the most difficult thing as Byk is keen on old-fashioned police principles, while Shpindel is a fan of old-fashioned criminal values. And they would never have cooperated but for the hunt started for them