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Production : Triiks Mediagroup, OOO
Year : 2014
Genre : Crime melodrama
Duration : 46 min
Number of episodes : 4
Produced by : I. Yurchenko, A. Shcheglov
Scriptwriter : M. Shmate
Directed by : C. Gorbachev
Actors : Igor Chernevich, Artem Alexeev, Alisa Zolotkova, Boris Bedrosov, Nadya Dmitrieva, Vitaly Kyklin, Denis Starkov, Vera Tran, Oleg Drozdov, Artur Fedynko, Gleb Temnov, Alexey Nilov, Gennady Alimpiev, Elena Yarema, Svetlana Bakulina, Vera Shpak, Gleb Kalistov, Bika Agalakova
Territory : Worldwide
Rights : All
Oleg Birukov, nicknamed Biruk (Loner), has got terrible news from Julia, his ex-wife. His son Maxim was killed. For already 10 years Biruk, who is an ex-investigator of the Homicide Unit and a retired major, has been leading a common life, after he retired from the police. A hostage was killed while he was trying to catch a criminal, and Biruk blamed himself for her death. After retiring, he set up shop to restore furniture. He and Julia separated more than 20 years ago when Maxim was 8 years old. They both have remarried since then, but Maxim was his only own child. Now Biruk and his present wife have been living with her adult children from her previous marriage. Despite his parents’ divorce, Maxim followed his father ‘s footsteps and became a policeman. Maxim was killed on his day off which he spent with his wife Katya and his son Misha. Returning home from the cinema, they saw collectors being hold up. Maxim, who was bold by nature, armless came to rescue the collectors. He was wounded. The gang leader killed cruelly Maxim before the eyes of his wife and son, and the gangsters escaped with their loot. At Maxim’s graveyard Biruk asked his son to forgive him. At this moment he realized that he was really a loner, who had been looking after not his own children and grandchildren. After his son’s death it suddenly struck him that the family in which he had been living was not his own, and his own grandson Misha considered Julia’s husband to be his grandfather. Suddenly Katya, Maxim’s widow, asked him to find the gangsters, as even if the police caught them, no trial would be fair enough for her, as she only wanted to see the death of her husband’s killer with her own eyes. Biruk refused, as she should not risk herself, taking care of her son. But Biruk only said that he refused, in fact he decided to take arms and take revenge for Maxim’s death. Vadim, Maxim’s best friend, has got in touch with him. Vadim is an investigator in the operation group in which Maxim worked. The previous day Katya also asked him to help to revenge, and, of course, he refused. But being anxious for her state of mind, he followed her and saw her meeting Biruk. They took up their mind to take revenge for Maxim. Katya is absolutely right and only their own justice can satisfy them. They have underwent their own investigation and found out that one of the collectors who were held up when Maxim was killed might have had some connections with the gang. Vadim called him to interrogate and pressure him, but then he let him go and started to tail him with Biruk. Their guess turned out to be true. In the evening they saw two gangsters attempting to kill the collector. The bandits had decided that it would be safer to kill the collector and not let him give away information. When Biruk and Vadim appeared, the frightened bandits ran away (they managed to see only Vadim). The collector escaped unscathed. Biruk and Vadim seized him, and he told them not only about the other gangsters: Seriy, the gang leader, Malysh, his mistress, Sergey and Porokh, the men who had tried to kill him, but also about a scheme to hold up collectors with 200 mln rubles which was planned according to the information provided by him. Biruk understands that after the collector’s disappearance the gang may hole up, but Vadim and he know how to force the criminals into a crime. Using the collector’s phone, Vadim called Seriy and named himself. He offered a bargain — the gang could perform the scheme, and the collector was not a problem, as he was “hidden” in a safe place. But in return Vadim wanted his portion of money. Seriy agreed, but he had one condition, Vadim would go with them. Seriy’s gang and Vadim are waiting for collectors at the appointed place. Biruk, sheltered nearby, is to appear later at the crucial moment to revenge. But their plan has failed. Suddenly Seriy has wounded Vadim and orders him to call for his “accomplice”. The collector told Seriy about Biruk! The collector managed to escape and got in touch with Seriy. He said that he would forget about the attempt for 10 percent to his share, and, of course, there should not be such attempts any more or he would give them all away. Biruk has no choice, and he has left his shelter. But Seriy has prepared a special scheme for him. He orders Biruk to hold up the collectors instead of them, otherwise he will kill Vadim. At the same time he wants to make sure that it is not a police trap. And now Biruk is to commit a robbery without killing anybody, release Vadim and take revenge for his son’s death. But he is only about to learn that Vadim decided to take part in their operation not because of Maxim, but because of the gang’s loot which he wanted to seize after having done away with the gang and Biruk. He also wants to win Katya who he loves secretly. In order to save his relatives Biruk is ready to risk even his own life.