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Production : Triiks Mediagroup, OOO
Year : 2014
Genre : Crime series, detective
Duration : 46 min
Number of episodes : 4
Produced by : I. Yurchenko, A. Shcheglov
Scriptwriter : A. Tumarkin
Directed by : A.Nazikyan
Actors : Evgeny Volovenko, Vladislav Reznik, Natalya Kruglova, Elena Karpova, Igor Filippov
Territory : Worldwide
Rights : All
Saint-Petersburg. Present days. The FSB officers are keeping watch on an organized criminal group headed by a criminal leader nicknamed Sokha. The investigatorsí special interest was aroused by the secretly gathered information that the leaders of the organized criminal group had relations with the representatives of a foreign intelligence service. Suddenly, all the criminal group members who were suspected of contacts with foreign agents died. On the face of it, all of them had become victims of common criminal shootouts, but the Saint-Petersburg FSB leaders consider them to be liquidated because of their close contacts with foreign agents. Yury Ivanov and Pavel Trofimov have been friends since school. They together opposed hooligans after classes, they both entered the FSB Academy where they are working at present in different departments. Yury Ivanov is fighting against organized criminal groups, while Pavel Trofimov is an intelligence officer. Both of them are majors. And not only our main characters are friends, their wives Natasha and Vera also have friendly relations. And even a carefully hidden fact that once Ivanov ran after Natasha, but she preferred Trofimov, canít ruin the friendship between the two familiesÖ Having analyzed the circumstances of the criminalsí death, the FSB leaders came to the conclusion that a mole must have been working among those who had access to confidential information. The mole had informed the representatives of the foreign intelligence service that Saint-Petersburg officers were after them. So they had to tie up loose ends, i.e. to kill the criminals. Major Trofimov is summoned to his bosses. They think that it is his friend Yury Ivanov who is the mole. Trofimov is asked to investigate the case and prove Ivanovís guilt or innocence. Trofinov canít refuse, it is impossible to dispute bossesí orders. But the major refuses to believe that his friend is a traitor. Trofimov has decided to justify Ivanov before their leaders. But in the course of his investigation Ivanov started to realize that the leadersí suspicion might have been true. Ivanov might be a foreign agentÖ And even more, Trofimov understood that the foreign intelligence officers had liquidated the members of the criminal group for some purpose, as they must have been carrying out an operation on the territory of Russia. Trofimov has only several days to bring his friend to light or find the real mole.