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Production : Triiks Mediagroup, OOO
Year : 2014
Genre : Crime melodrama
Duration : 46 min
Number of episodes : 4
Produced by : I. Yurchenko, A. Shcheglov
Scriptwriter : V. Ryzhkov
Directed by : V. Tatarsky
Actors : Alexey Komashko, Svetlana Shchedrina, Igor Pavlov, Maxim Dakhnenko, Angrey Gulnev, Vyacheslav Arkunov, Roman Ageev, Valeria Shkirando, Evgeny Dobryakov
Territory : Worldwide
Rights : All
Major Pobortsev is investigating a series of daring bank raids. During his investigation he has managed to catch one of six gangsters. To do this the investigator had to violate the instructions trying to save a female hostage. While being arrested, the bandit promised Pobortsev to make him feel sorry for it. But who pays attention to the threats of arrested criminals? The major received an honorable mention from his boss, a bonus to spend his vacation and a severe reprimand for his activities which had not been approved. While his wife Natalya is deciding which hotel voucher to buy to go to the seaside and packing suitcases, Pobortsev, who is on his official vacation, helps his colleagues in the investigation. From the very beginning he guessed that the gangsters misled the police. When a second robber was almost caught by the investigator, somebody managed to warn him. Except Pobortsev only five people knew about the capture operaton. All of them are under suspicion now, and Colonel Teplyakov suspects the major. And at this moment the first gangster arrested by Pobortsev managed to fulfill his promises while being in custody. Now the investigator has to agree to an exchange, he has to finish the case, but he has to obey to the bandits rules