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À4 Format

Production : LLC “TRIIKS MEDIA”
Year : 2011
Duration : 47 min.
Number of episodes : 16
Territory : Worldwide
Rights : All
Valid through : 15.08.2082
The four capital letters of the heroines’ names compose the name of a pub whose owner is Anna. À4 format is a very ordinary format of letter paper that is used daily by thousands of people, from pupils to great writers, from common clerks to leading international scholars. In hands of a genius a simple sheet of paper becomes a masterpiece, in hands of a third-rater — a miserable piece of paper. Just the same with women: being with a worthy man they flourish, and with an egoistic and bombastic one they sicken. Ann’s pub becomes a place of constant meets and the arena of many plot collisions of the series. Each of the women will find her “prince”. HEROINES. Anna is a 32 year old attractive, talented and vigorous woman that started her own business not too early which changed her and relations with her husband Viktor with whom they are together since they were students. They are still very close to each other but their feelings came down already a lot. Anna dreams of a baby and takes the absence of children as a tragedy. Vitya is much calmer and mannishly hides his feelings. Anna spends more and more time with her friends in the pub, meddles with somebody… Wise and fair Anna understands that she has rocked the “love boat” too much. Through the series Anna and Viktor break up and it takes time for them to reunite again. Sporty and cheerful Antonina, a happy wife and mother in the beginning, finally stays alone. Having not forgiven her husband’s cheat, Antonina divorces him. Being the girl of a good family taken up by parents first and then by her husband, Antonina at her 28 years old starts over an individual life. Good thing Antosha is not a milk-and-water girl, she goes in for extreme sports and having got the opportunity to run her own business she becomes an owner of a shop of sporting weapons and ammunition. Through the series she is looking for her personal female happiness not supposing that it is much closer than she thinks. The military retiree Seryozha, the guard of Ann’s pub in the past and now the guard of her shop, is in love with her. The nice bitch Alyona, a classmate of Antonina, is a rather successful interior designer and the freest of the four friends in regard to sex. She often enters into love relationships with her male clients but never gets joy of that. She seriously believes that she is not created for a family and children and that designer clothes and yoga are the only worthy interests. But actually she is responsive and faithful and will do everything if she is asked for help. Alyona’s choice will be the man who has already been her boyfriend once. She broke up with Kostya Zaretsky because he seemed too much right and ideal to her. But later it happened to be not that bad… The youngest of the friends, the 25 year old carriage hostess Alla is a kind of “romantic provincial girl”. She gets acquainted with the three women in Anna’s pub in front of the viewers. She is organically involved in the team-oriented group of girls and becomes its essential part. Her story is funny and dramatic at the same time. She dates two young businessmen at once, from Moscow and Petersburg, who rather often travel on business between the two capitals. When Alla gets pregnant the major question of her friends is “who is the happy father?” But Allochka seems to be not interested in that at all. Alla is individual and spent a lot of time on “self education”. She is full of riddles and not too open. So, it happens that Alla was married before and her ex-husband serves time in jail for a wagon theft. The world of the series “A4 Format” is a lively city with a dynamic life in the streets, cafes, parks and offices. The world where the heroines of the series “A4 Format” live is full of living and rich colors, reflections in mirror surfaces of shop- windows, windows of business centers and fitness clubs, in a mirror of a shop or just a puddle. The world of our heroines is a brilliant Petersburg of the past and the future. The present is the four friends – “A4 Format”. The city becomes the long-standing lover of the heroines. A story about search of female identification cannot be without men. And without nude scenes either. They will be present in each episode of the project being an essential part of the heroines’ life. Sex as a continuation of love, sex as a reason to get acquainted, sex to apologize, sex to encourage, sex as an experiment on oneself. So, it’s very important whom our heroines choose. The men in the project will not be absolute bastards or any stupid or dough-face. They will be worthy partners or opponents, worthy hunters or victims.