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Khrushchev. The first after Stalin.

Production : NEW LIFE, OOO
Year : 2014
Duration : 104 min
Number of episodes : 2
Directed by : ANDREY LAZAREV
Territory : Worldwide
Rights : All
Rights are valid to : 01.06.2084
This is a biography of the Soviet leader who in fact ruled the country after Stalin’s death. Vladimir Chernyshev’s film is based on evidence of people who knew Khrushchev personally and the epoch related to his name. The film crew tried to recreate the way of ascension and subversion of the most contradictive First Secretary in the country’s history. From the streets of the mining town of Yuzovka-Donetsk to the top of the Kremlin and the dacha in Petrovo-Dalneye where the USSR leader was dying out after he was dismissed. So who was he? A provincial farmer from the village of Kalinovka once-for-all-time or a wise and tricky politician who played games with the planet on the edge of a nuclear war? A perpetual revolutionist and Trotskyite or a new Soviet patriot who created a nuclear shield of the empire? A certain Stalinist that debunked the myth about his idol? Or maybe he was a pragmatic politician who was ready to sacrifice his great predecessor for the sake of power? The father of “thaw” or the founder of “slush” that opened the way to dissolution and breakup of the USSR? The man that gave the Crimea away as a present to Ukraine and the leader that established the Berlin Wall. What did move him? And how can a young man in a tuxedo and a bow-tie on the picture of the pre-revolutionary Yuzovka relate to the funny fat man wearing a misfit suit of the Soviet chronicles? Even after several decades there is no any decisive answer to these questions. Khrushchev, a nice joker that charmed America, and Khrushchev, a tongue-tied glib talker, in a Ukrainian embroidered shirt. The execution by a firing squad in Novocherkassk, economic slump and food crisis, disparaging anecdotes about the Soviet power – all that is the epoch of Khrushchev. Nevertheless, Gagarin, Solzhenitzyn, Khrushchobys, poets in the stadiums and the missile parity also relate to the decade of Khrushchev. The black and white bust in the Novo-Dyevitchiye cemetery made by Ernst Neizvestny who was cursed by Khrushchev at an exhibition in Manezh is actually a symbol of a contradictive man who ruled the USSSR during ten years. Sergey, Nikita Khrushchev’s son, US President Eisenhower’s granddaughter, the billionaire Nelson Rockefeller’s nephew, the farmer Garst’s granddaughters who were fostered by President Khrushchev’s spouse during the visit, the son of Georgy Malenkov who was Khrushchev’s predecessor and rival, Anastas Mikoyan’s son and many other famous people share their reminiscences and experience with the audience. The film is about a man of the epoch which has been called after him. Nevertheless, he was more likely running after the epoch than leading it. Anyway, the film is about a man who left the country leader post and went to his dacha and not to a grave. It is a remarkable story of a boy from the village of Kalinovka who survived, won but lost.