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Men’s holidays

Production : PC “BRAVO”
Year : 2014
Genre : Criminal drama
Duration : 45 min.
Number of episodes : 4
Produced by : Murat Mezhiev, Dmitry Pisaruk
Written by : Ivan Biryukov
Directed by : Leonid Belozorovich
Cast : Alexey Kravchenko, Alexander Dzyuba, Kirill Kyaro, Alexander Shalyapin and others.
Territory : Worldwide
Rights : All
Rights valid : Up to 23.07.2085
This is a story about four successful and rich businessmen of forty that are surfeited with “civil” recreation and decided to spend their vacation in extreme conditions. On arrival in the place (the North Urals, Siberia or Kolyma) they are provisioned with hunting weapons and all outfit needed to survive in taiga hundreds kilometers away from the nearest dwelling where they are dropped by a helicopter. In the range there are hunting, fishing and placer mining. For food there are just salt, sugar, tee and army biscuits (hardtacks). Everything else for a dinner the “vacationers” had to get and cook. A local placer miner of the same age accompanies them as an instructor. In two weeks the metropolitan four accompanied by the instructor have to get back from the place they were dropped to an inhabited locality overcoming all amenities of the extreme holidays on the way. At first, everything is going according to the plan. They are hunting and fishing, washing gold, enjoy the beautiful virgin nature and take photos a lot. And everything seems to be up to the job for them, they cope with difficulties more or less. Nevertheless, on the fifth day of such unusual rest the instructor breaks his leg and gets a compound fracture. The instructor looses a lot of blood, gets a blood-poisoning and is delirious, regaining consciousness from time to time in order to give the “vacationers” a word of advice timely. Here the real test of characters starts. They are not of the same mind, they conflict and dispute. Some of them think they have to leave the instructor alone and find the way to civilization by themselves, others propose to drag the unconscious man. They will probably be divided: two of them go away and the other two carry the instructor to natives. Maybe one of them goes away. Soon it’s getting clear “who is who”: who is a real man and who just wears a beard. Finally, the “vacationers” bring their instructor to a township and save his life. One of the “vacationers” finds a lot of unimproved opportunities where he could use his skills and decides to stay here forever. His survived friends fly away to the capital feeling themselves very different: stronger and more self-confident. They promise to come to his friend “for holidays” every year: after the experienced adventures and hardships the ordinary metropolitan life will be too insipid for them.