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Code of honour

Company :  STUDIO 2B
Year :  2003
Duration :  46 min
Total number of releases :  16
Script by :  Viktor Levashov, Denis Rodimin, Denis Karyshev, Alexander Pronin
Stage Director :  Georgy Nikolaenko
Producers :  David Keosayan, Felix Clayman
Cast :  Pastukh – Igor Lagutin
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This action series is based on the story of friendship of Russian army officers who, as the fate has willed, have become soldiers of fortune. There were seven of them… During the first Chechen war, they were members of one of the mightiest commando units, led by Sergey Pastukhov (friends dubbed him Pastukh, or Shepherd), for whose head Chechen field commanders offered $1,000,000.

The unit fulfilled all of its missions successfully and, ironically, managed to make enemies on both sides of the frontline. In spring 1995, they were discharged for the “failure to fulfill a combat mission.” The true reason, however, was that the top brass who gave an unlawful order had actually set up the members of Pastukhov’s unit to conceal the evidence of their criminal business – organs of killed Russian soldiers were illegally trafficked abroad.

Seven young officers, first-class professional commandos, were thrown into a peaceful world. Each of them tried hard to find his own path in this peaceful life: captain Pastukhov tended a head in a small village; medical officer Doc served as an ambulance man; Mukha was selling papers in commuter trains, while Artist tried to join any theater but without success.

Everything would have continued its normal course, unless a certain special service had needed professionals to do some “dirty work,” that is to conduct various operations the major condition of which were efficiency and secrecy. Sergey Pastukhov’s unit matched both of the requirements perfectly – they were professionals and none of them had any ties with the special services. Colonel Golubev, who served in Chechnya as the head of counterintelligence, offered this job to Pastukhov.

This is how a cooperation between former commandos and the special services starts. They will be preventing terror attacks, getting embedded in crime groupings, foiling deliveries of chemical weapons, and more. They aren’t mercenaries, though, sometimes, they jokingly call themselves “soldiers of fortune.” The code of honor inherent to a Russian Army officer is not a mere phrase for them.