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Production : ATOS-FILM, LLC
Year : 2015
Genre : Criminal drama
Duration : 45 min.
Number of episodes : 16
Produced by : Andrey Tartakov
Written by : Svetlana Belova, Elvira Pautova (pen-name Elvira Seryogina)
Directed by : Vladimir Vinogradov
Cast : Konstantin Kryukov, Igor Vernik, Alexander Domogarov, Evgenia Dmitrieva, Dmitry Ermak, Alexandra Rebenok and others
Territory : WORLWIDE
Rights : All
Valid through : 01.08.2086
For its barbaric ways a remote township of Polivanovo in the depths of Russia is called Pennsylvania by the locals. Not in vain. What happened there is a perplexed and dramatic story with many human victims that horrifies even experienced cops...A famous journalist Kozlov comes to his native town to his mothers burial. During the funeral, his three-year-old son disappears. The boys nanny is found dead in the backyard with her head injured. The local police is not in a hurry to catch the criminal because the case is perplexed. Kozlov works his connections in Moscow and an investigation team of three is brought to Polivanovo an investigator Morozov, a detective Sergeyev and an expert Dvornikova. Nevertheless, the township hides something from the newcomers